Own A Poor Credit Card With No Credit Check

Want a credit card?

What is the procedure that a company undertakes when you make an application for a credit card?

The company first checks the client's credit status. This is done to ensure that the client will be able to repay the credit in time. But what this also means is that the company does not trust you hence it makes a credit check. This degrades your credit score. The scenario would still be worse if you already have a bad credit score already. Reducing your credit score would further mean lesser chances of you being approved a credit card.

At Allied Diamond Trust, clients are issued a credit card no credit check. Here, no check is performed before issuing a credit card. This means that your credit score is not checked, hence not reduced when you apply for a credit card. You can be issued a credit card irrespective of your credit status and also irrespective of your employment status. So there are no negative implications of you applying for a credit card. If at all anything, you stand a chance to improve your credit score. Once you are issued a credit card, you will make use of the card. Hence, you are entitled to pay the credit within time. If you are able to do that, your credit score automatically increases. And, if you are bankrupt, it's a win-win situation for you. Firstly you are given credit card in spite of your poor credit score. On the top of it, you are given a chance to improve your credit score. This would help you to get into the ‘good books' of other credit card companies as well as the credit bureau.

So, indeed Credit card no credit check provided helps the customer to not only use the credit but also to improve his/her credit score.

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