Free Credit Repair Report, A Method To Repair Credit

A Successful Credit Repair Method

Summary:  The credit repair methods I used to go from under 500 FICO to over 700 FICO in 18 months. Sign up with the top 3 merchandise credit repairing cards to start showing good payment history and high open credit. Deposit into any secured credit card that will accept you to show more good payment hsitory. Sign up with Lexington Law Firm to remove negative items over the long term. Don't use bad tactics because most lenders can obviously tell.

A Credit Repair Success Story

I have never had a reason to need credit score repair before. I was brought up to work hard at whatever you do and always pay your debt to people and keep a good credit rating and I always have. I am a firm believer in the "Golden Rule" and the American dream.

Butt, in 2006 I was hit by a surprise loss of employment and was left with no household income. I make a point to save money for emergencies but it wasn't enough. Soon my savings had run out and I was unable to make my minimum credit card payments anymore.

It wasn't long after that in Jan of 2007 when I had 13 various different credit accounts charging off on me and my near perfect almost 800 FICO score tumbled all the way down to under 500. It was horrible.

After finally finding a new job a year later and never having such a low credit score in my life, I  was very embarrased and depressed about it so I desperately began researching credit repair and simply went wild paying so many different companies to repair my credit only to find out that 90% of them are full of it.

The truth is, there is are no overnight, immediate ways to rebuild credit and raise your FICO score. I had just spent almost $2,000 and wasted a year of my life trying, and paying people for credit repair and I was no where closer than when I started, excluding the use of Lexington Law Firm which is part of how I increased my credit score.

The very first thing you need to do is sign up with Lexington Law Firm. They will start getting negative items removed from your credit report. Even if they are legitimate entries 85% of the time there is a way to get it removed and they know all the reasons to try.

Even after Lexington was able to get a few negative items removed, my credit score had barely moved and I was getting so discouraged and ready to just give up when i realized the answers where right in front of me.

The facts about having a good credit score are very simple. High credit limits while keeping your balances under 25% and paying your bills on time will raise your score the most..

So I started looking for ways that I could pay for for better credit and I wasn't even able to a get a name brand secured credit card because the big name brand companies will still deny a secured cards becuase of credit.

I was in a total bind and absolutely no one would give me credit even if I paid for it, so I searched and searched for other non name brand companies and came across these unsecured credit cards for people with bad credit.

I sent $300 to a no credit check secured visa card by Millenium Bank but they have since stoppeed issuing the credit card thatI have but the point is to get a secured credit card. I bought some groceries on it to live and I made sure I paid the bills on time.

Then I found 2 others I signed up with Horizon Gold And USA Gold and at the time Allied Trust Diamond was not even around 3 years ago.but now you can use them too and I would have also. Sign up with all 3 of them if you can afford it. If you can't afford all 3 then Allied Trust Diamond is the best one to start with, they offer the most open credit and cheapest monthly payment along with 1400 quality products to choose from. In my opinion thier products are also much better and more useful products then the other 2 as well.

Continue to pay your bills on time, send your new secured visa $50 every time you can and build up your credit limit over time. After 18 months I built my credit card up to a $1500 limit and my score went back over 700 now. From the combination of these things.

That is how you repair credit report. Get new credit, pay the bills on time and have Lexington remove negative items at the same time. Before you know it your credit score will increase the right way and creditors will see you mean business.

If you try to use tradlines or piggybacking or use frivolous credit repair techniques that so many websites rip you off with, it won't work. You might raise your score a little bit and do it quick but the credit agencies have gotten smart to those techniques and they weigh less value than if you just get new credit and pay your bills on time

The bank lenders and credit card companies also know these bad techniques and it's obvious when they are looking at your report to make a decision for the car or house. You still have to get past the pair of eyes for final approval on most loans and they see these types of things they automatically think negatively. So do it the right way and have patience.

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